Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

RedMolinos is a virtual environment designed specially to help the persons to learn and speak Spanish across Internet. In the sections to speak Spanish, vocabulary, grammar and exercises we are going to learn and speak Spanish with the histories and the help of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza.

In addition there are more three special sections: one is dedicated to the Diplomas of Espaol-DELE, other one is designed for business Spanish and the last one is so that you share your experiences with the Spanish language. The pages are updated every two or three days. Do visit us! ()

This page is a homage to the most universal and significant figure of the Hispanic letters: Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and his immortal creations.

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Enlightenment of the Week of the Climate

Week of the Climate
19-26 September

The world needs climatic solutions based on the science and on the justice. Take part!

December, 2009 Copenhagen.
Let's seal the agreement!

For a green growth. Let's protect the Planet.

The Verbs Part II - time, way and voice.

The Verbs Part I - definition, conjugation, number, personal and not personal forms.

On June 05 - World Day of the Environment.
Your Planet Needs you! It celebrates the World day of the Environment.

Ejercicios - practises with exercises for the levels initial, interval and forward position.

To speak correct Spanish

To speak correct Spanish it is necessary to study little phonetics of Spanish, to practise the pronunciation and the intonation of the words and to know as there are the sounds of the Spanish language.


Does not grammarian like learning you? He learns with histories, songs and trips. Know the culture, the art! Travel round Spain and round the countries of Spanish America!

Grammar of Spanish

The most important topics of Spanish grammar explained with the help of Don Quijote and Sancho Panza of a simple and very entertaining form.

Spanish exercises

Exercises of grammar, vocabulary, crossword puzzles, games, suggestions of readings and writings so that you practise Spanish.

Diplomas dele - Institute Cervantes

Material and specific resources to help in the preparation of the tests of the dele - Diplomas of Spanish as Foreign language of the Institute Cervantes. Dates of Examination - call. Inscription. Centers of Examination.

Business Spanish

A series of materials and texts especially prepared for that one that there needs to dominate the specific Spanish of the world of the business.

Sharing experiences

He shares your experiences in Spanish learns, extracting doubts and knowing other linkage to perfect the Spanish language.