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On this page you are going to read a text about the notable technological advances of the telephony in Japan.

Advances of the telephony in Japan

Photo of a mobile phone

The Italian Antonio Meucci, recognized in 2002 like inventor of the phone, will not imagine the importance that was going to have his invention. From last times up to the actuality, the telephone technology plays an important role in the modern virtual society.
Particularly in Japan, the technological advances in the field of the telephony are notable. Advances that go from the well-known cards of phone up to the mobile telephony.

The cards of phone, very popular in Japan, arose in Europe in 1975 like alternative to the coins phone. A telephone, normally similar card to a credit card, is used to pay in the telephone boxes or like system calls prepayment. From 1994 to 2004, the sales of cards in the world grew spectacularly, going on from 250 million dollars in 1994 to 31 trillion dollars in 2004.

To the avant-garde, the company Brastel placed in Tokyo, with head offices in Brazil, the USA and Hong Kong has always thrown the first card "rechargeable" international prepayment in the world to which the clients can add credit. The company offers services of national and international calls to more than 240 countries and territories to economic tariffs, 24 hours of the day and from public, fixed or cellular phones. The cards prepaid for international calls have big price advantages. A saving is possible of up to 90 % of the cost of a normal call.

In the field of the mobile telephony, Japan ahead of the Europeans and of the Americans in mobile Internet thanks to the technological innovations, it is today the stage that anticipates how there will be the market of mobile telephony of the future. His offers of 1 Gbps in fixed wide band demonstrate it. In mobility, Japan together with South Korea there are the only countries where the technology 3G covers 90 per cent of the territory. The Internet mobile one, with offers of 100 Mbps in mobile wide band, overcomes the number of connections from the hearth. A frenzied speed for those that scarcely are getting accustomed to seeing offers of less than 10 Mbps in fixed wide band.

Today the Japanese mobiles can be used, not only to call and make photos, but also for functions so unlike as called with video, reproduce audio and video, locate directions for GPS, to send and to receive e-mails, to read bar codes, to realize payments, to open locks, to activate electronic devices etc. to Sail along Internet, to watch TV in the mobile or to do videoconference is something normal.

With 100 million users the principal cell phones manufacturers compete for throwing new services and applications. The companies hope that in the future the people should go out of his houses alone with what they wear. And everything what a person uses during the day is melted in only one device: portfolio, clock, keys, money, camera, video, e-mail, etc.

To see what provides the future to us!


Knowledge that allow to make objects and modify the environment, with the target to satisfy the human needs.

That has apparent and not real existence. In computing it is used to designate to everything those that existence has inside a computer simulation.

I progress, pass or progress.

cards of phone
Cards that allow the use of the public phones without coins.

Option between two or more things.

telephone boxes
Each of the compartments that exists in a booth for individual use of the phone.

Action and effect of selling. Quantity of things that sell.

to the avant-garde
loc. adv. In the first position, in the most advanced point moved forward to the others.

card prepaid
A card of prepayment is that in the one that anticipates the amount of the consumption that will be realized by the card. A money load is carried out in the card and operations can be realized up to consuming the loaded amount.

Loan for that one asks a banking institution must guarantee previously his return.

Monetary values of the goods and services.

Quantity of money that costs a thing or that it is necessary to pay for her.

Quantity of money that is economized or reserves for future needs. Expense minor than it is habitual.

Expense realized for the securing or acquisition of a thing or of a service.

Place in which it happens or an event develops. Part of a theater or a place where a work or a spectacle is represented before the public.

wide band
Data transmission in which several information pieces are sent simultaneously, in order to increase the speed of effective transmission.

Quality of movable. Aptitude to be able to move or be blurred.

technology 3G
It is an abbreviation for third generation of mobile telephony. This evolution incorporates between other interesting services, the access of high speed to Internet and the video telephony in a context of mobile telephony.

Set of goods or goods that appear on the market with a concrete price and in a certain moment. Put on sale of a reduced price product.

mobile wide band
Type of access to Internet of wireless form that is different from the Wi-Fi, and allows wide mobility of the user who gets connected. The mobile wide band is the name used to describe to the services 3G.

Speed or intense rhythm of an activity. It is said about the very rapid or impressive things. Sensation of fear to lose the balance similar to a sickness.

unlike (plural: shoot)
Unequal, different, different.

bar code
Set of signs formed by a series of lines and numbers associated with them, which puts itself on the products of consumption that contributes information of manufacture, like the date of packed or the origin and the price.

Mechanism generally of metal that is fixed in doors, lids of chests, arks, drawers, etc., and it serves to close them, especially by means of a key.

they wear
To dress or to bring put a pledge, the clothes or to transport an object with it.

To reduce to only one, two or more different things.

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