Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

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The success of RedMolinos depends on the collaborations that the visitors of this web could contribute, so that we could spread and share the knowledge on the Spanish language.
There are multiple forms in which any person can collaborate with RedMolinos:

He collaborates economically

If you consider this useful web site and want to contribute, you can do a donation for his maintenance and development collaborating economically across Paypal.

Safety of Paypal

PayPal is a form sure and easy to pay and to get payments for Internet. The donors do not need an account PayPal to realize his donations. They all can pay in such a way that they prefer, including credit cards, bank accounts, buyer's credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

If you have any doubt or question about the donations or on other ways of collaborating with RedMolinos, contact with us sending to us an e-mail.

It promotes RedMolinos

It promotes RedMolinos between your friends, relatives, neighbors, in places of news that you frequent, in your portals of Internet or proper publications, weblogs, etc. But, please, do not do chains (spam): this diffusion method can affect all of us.

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