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Save the Planet!

RedMolinos has created this new section with the intention of generating and of strengthening the world conscience for the preservation of the nature and against the climate change.
Our target is to announce to all, the projects and initiatives developed about the world encouraging the participation of the persons to take care and to preserve the natural resources of the planet so that the ambience keeps on being healthy for our species in future generations.

Nevertheless, we will not forget of Spanish learns. All the texts of this section are a part of the section vocabulary.

Conference of the UNO on Climate change

07 - On December 18, 2009

Let's seal the agreement!

Enlightenment for the Conference of the UNO on Climate change

The average temperature of the terrestrial surface has risen more of 0,6°C from the last years of the XIXth century. The principal reason of the increase of the temperature is a process of industrialization initiated century ago and average and this process has increased the " volume "of greenhouse effect" in the ambience. When the volume of these gases is considerable and grows without rest, they provoke a few temperatures artificially high and modify the climate.

According to the forecasts, the climate change can have pernicious consequences. Even the minimal changes foreseen in the climate during the XXIst century will be probably significant and disturbing. Numerous vegetable and animal species will not survive next 100 years. The human being will meet probably every time major difficulties. It is foreseen that the agricultural yields will diminish, interior continental areas will suffer a desertification process and the distribution areas of illnesses might be extended.

This is a modern problem, it affects everybody and it will not be easy to solve it. To ignore it, would be even worse. Good news is that there exist already technologies that they might stabilize and even reduce the greenhouse effect gas levels in the course of a few decades. For it political will is needed... and, naturally, the world must face to many other problems that need attention and sacrifices.

In the Conference of the United Nations on the Climate change, which has to be celebrated in Copenhagen in next December and about the world citizens, companies, governments and organizations must fight jointly against the climate change and be conscious of the importance of reaching a global, just, effective agreement and científicamente ambitious on the climate.

For a green growth! Let's protect the Planet!

(This text has used as information sources the Web places of the System of the United Nations On the Climate change and of the Secretariat of the Convention on the Climate change).


greenhouse effect gases
Gases, especially of dioxide of carbon, methane and nitrous oxide that they produce to themselves naturally and are fundamental for the life in the Earth; they prevent that it departs from the solar heat return to the space, and without them the world would be a cold and barren place. But when the volume of these gases is considerable and grows without rest, they provoke a few temperatures artificially high and modify the climate.

Climate change
I change in the due climate directly or by implication to the human activities that the global composition of the ambience alters and that one adds to the observed natural changeability of the climate during comparable periods of time.

That causes misfortune or goes accompanied by her. Saying of a person or of a thing: unfortunate or detestable.

That disorders or alters the balance, the order and concert.

Product or utility that there provides a person or thing, as regards what it works, spends, costs.

It is the degradation of the ground in dry arid, semiarid and subhumid regions, resultant from diverse factors, even climatic changes and human activities.

The disorders or alterations of the body or of the mind that will provoke a discomfort of the normal vital functions.

to stabilize
To give to a little stability.

Period of ten years.

to face
To face. To put the means or to act in a certain way so that a difficult situation is solved.

According to the prescripts of a science or art.

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  • www.pnuma.org/sellemos
    The campaign "let's Seal the Agreement" led by the United Nations it takes as a target to impel the political will and the public support, to reach a world agreement on the climate, next December in Copenhagen.
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    Official place of the United Nations Organization.
  • www.un.org/spanis h / climatechange /
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