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Save the Planet!

RedMolinos has created this new section with the intention of generating and of strengthening the world conscience for the preservation of the nature and against the climate change.
Our target is to announce to all, the projects and initiatives developed about the world encouraging the participation of the persons to take care and to preserve the natural resources of the planet so that the ambience keeps on being healthy for our species in future generations.

Nevertheless, we will not forget of Spanish learns. All the texts of this section are a part of the section vocabulary.

On April 22 - Day of the Earth

The Earth so that you preserve it!

Enlightenment of the Day of the Earth

The Day of the Earth is celebrated in the whole world on April 22. The event is an opportunity to find solutions that they help us to live of a form sustentable.

Ten small actions that can help to save our planet.

  1. To acquire a motorcar of effective consumption of fuel.
  2. Stock Exchanges of plastic: avoid them!
  3. To separate and to recycle the garbage.
  4. To disconnect TV and computers in waiting.
  5. Do a donation to an environmental cause.
  6. To incite the local authorities to adopt rational environmental policies.
  7. Never to spill garbage.
  8. To plant a tree.
  9. To gather the rainwater.
  10. To replace his lighting bulbs with bulbs that save energy.
Thanks for your commitment with the Earth!


it celebrates
He commemorates, celebrates a date, an event.

That it is possible to sustain or to defend with reasons. Sustainable, reasonable.

Means or reprehensible procedures of those that someone costs himself to obtain some end.

plastic bags
Object used to transport small goods quantities.

to recycle
To submit a material used to a process so that it is possible to use again.

Gift, gift, voluntary delivery of something, especially with charitable or humanitarian ends.

to incite
To stimulate one so that it does something.

to spill
To incline a vessel or to turn mouth below to empty his content. To drop, to begin.

to gather
Action and effect of gathering, of keeping.

Glass balloon in whose interior there is a filament that, to the step of an electric current, becomes incandescent and lights.

they save
To economize, not to waste anything.

Recommended linkage

  • ww2.earthday.net
    Events, activities and actions of the Day of the Earth.
  • www.unep.org
    The Program for the ambience of the United Nations-UNEP - takes as a mission to direct and to encourage the participation in the care of the environment inspiring, reporting and giving to the nations and to the peoples the means to improve the quality of life without putting in risk those of the future generations.
  • www.wwf.org
    Web site of the WWF, independent international organization without fortitude of lucre which fundamental target is the nature conservation.
  • www.uicn.org
    Web site of the International Union for the Nature conservation (UICN), major world environmental network. It takes as a mission to influence, to stimulate and to support the societies of the whole planet, in order to support the integrity of the nature and to assure the equitable use and unnaturally sustainably of the natural resources.
  • www.fundacion-biodiversidad.es
    The Foundation Biodiversity is an organization of nature fundacional, without fortitude of lucre, which activity develops in the ambience of the conservation, study and sustainable use of the biodiversity, as well as the international cooperation to the development.
  • www.tni.org
    Transnational Institute (TNI) is an international network dedicated to the critical analysis of world, present and future problems, with a view to providing intellectual support to the movements that fight for a more democratic, egalitarian and sustainable world.
  • http://cvc.cervantes.es/obref/quijote
    Page of the Institute Cervantes with the Second part of the ingenious nobleman don Quijote of the Spot - Chapter XI - Of what happened to don Quijote with a few goatherds.
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    In the section business Spanish you are going to find an article about wind power.

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