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Save the Planet!

RedMolinos has created this new section with the intention of generating and of strengthening the world conscience for the preservation of the nature and against the climate change.
Our target is to announce to all, the projects and initiatives developed about the world encouraging the participation of the persons to take care and to preserve the natural resources of the planet so that the ambience keeps on being healthy for our species in future generations.

Nevertheless, we will not forget of Spanish learns. All the texts of this section are a part of the section vocabulary.

On June 05 - World Day of the Environment

Your Planet Needs you!

Enlightenment of the World Day of the Environment

The motto of this year for the World Day of the Environment (DMMA) is: His Planet Needs you! Joined to Fight the Climate change.

The World Day of the Environment is one of the principal vehicles that the United Nations use to encourage the world sensitization on the environment and to promote the attention and political action on this matter.

The targets are to give him a human face to the environmental topics, to motivate that the persons turn into active agents of the sustainable and equitable development, to promote the fundamental role of the communities in the attitude change towards environmental topics, and to encourage the cooperation, which will guarantee that all the nations and persons enjoy a more prosperous and sure future.

To guarantee the sostenibilidad of the Environment is one of the Targets of Development of the Millenium (ODM) of the United Nations. The Goals are:

  • To incorporate the beginning of the sustainable development into the national politics, and to invest the loss of resources of the environment.
  • To reduce the loss of the biodiversity, reaching a significant reduction of the valuation of loss for 2010.
  • To limit to the half the percentage of persons who lack sustainable access to the drinking water and to basic services of sanitation for 2015.
  • To have improved greatly the life of at least 100 millions of inhabitants of hovels for 2020.

Interfere! Your Planet Needs you!

(This text has used as information sources the Web places of the PNUMA - Program of the United Nations for the Environment and of the Campaign of the Millenium of United Nations).


Climate change
I change in the due climate directly or by implication to the human activities that the global composition of the ambience alters and that one adds to the observed natural changeability of the climate during comparable periods of time.

What it serves to lead or to transmit easily something.

to encourage
To urge, to promote, to impel or to protect something.

human face

The development, to be "a human being", must be a socioeconomic process centred on the person, dedicated to promoting his capacities and to assuring a worthy life to him in any geography and in any culture (Hegoa Mugarik-1996).

To make to change to someone of opinion, idea, etc. to Win someone so that he professes a religion or practises it.

sustainable and equitable development
Way of development that he answers to the needs for the present without compromising the aptitude of the future generations to satisfy its own needs. The target is to improve the living conditions of the individual, at the time that his environment is preserved to shortly, average and, especially, long term.

Sostenibilidad is the aptitude of the humanity to guarantee who satisfies the current needs without risking the capacity of which the future generations satisfy their own needs.

to invest
To alter, to change, replacing them with his opposite ones, the position, the order or the sense of the things.

The changeability of living organisms of any source, included, between other things, the terrestrial and marine ecosystems and other aquatic ecosystems and the ecological complexes of which they are part; it comprises the diversity inside every species, between the species and of the ecosystems.

drinking water
Water that can be drunk.

Set of skills and elements destined to encourage the hygienic conditions in a building, of a community, etc.

With notable plenty or quantity. Significantly.

Small and mean room. Shepherds' hut.

Recommended linkage

  • www.pnuma.org
    The Program for the Ambience of the United Nations, takes as a mission to direct and to encourage the participation in the care of the environment inspiring, reporting and giving to the nations and to the peoples the means to improve the quality of life without putting in risk those of the future generations.
  • www.un.org/es
    Official place of the United Nations Organization.
  • www.un.org/spanish/millenniumgoals/
    Portal of the work of the system of the United Nations on the targets of development of the Millenium.
  • www.sinexcusas2015.org
    Web site of the Campaign of the Millenium of United Nations.
  • http://devdata.worldbank.org
    Atlas in line of the World Bank on the Targets of Development of the Millenium.
  • www.wwf.org
    Web site of the WWF, independent international organization without fortitude of lucre which fundamental target is the nature conservation.
  • www.fundacion-ipade.org
    ONGD qualified in the sector environment from March 12, 2007 (resolution of the Commission of Evaluation approved by the Presidency of the Spanish Agency of International cooperation for the Development) according to the criteria established by the AECID in his procedure of qualification of ONGD.
  • www.uicn.org
    Web site of the International Union for the Nature conservation (UICN), major world environmental network. It takes as a mission to influence, to stimulate and to support the societies of the whole planet, in order to support the integrity of the nature and to assure the equitable use and unnaturally sustainably of the natural resources.
  • www.fundacion-biodiversidad.es
    The Foundation Biodiversity is an organization of nature fundacional, without fortitude of lucre, which activity develops in the ambience of the conservation, study and sustainable use of the biodiversity, as well as the international cooperation to the development.
  • www.masarboles.org
    Project created by the company Noble Wood of the Saw of Segura in Spain with the target to impel a new culture of the tree that he contributes to an attitude change in the relation with our environment.
  • http://cvc.cervantes.es/obref/quijote
    Page of the Institute Cervantes with the Second part of the ingenious nobleman don Quijote of the Spot - Chapter XI - Of what happened to don Quijote with a few goatherds.

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