Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

To speak Spanish

To speak correct Spanish it is necessary to study little phonetics of Spanish, to practise the pronunciation and the intonation of the words and to know as there are the sounds of the Spanish language.

HE Spanish Alphabet

The Spanish alphabet has 29 letters, which are all feminine ones. Remember that in Spanish there is enough mail between the phonemes and the letters.

Letters Name Example
TO to forward
B be wine vault
C ce head
Ch che boy
D of lady
AND and elegant
F efe phenomenon
G ge giant
H hache famine
I i inclination
J jot ham
K Ka Kamikaze
L ele Latin American
Ll elle rain
M eme mother
N ene orange
Ñ eñe child
OR or olive
P pe father
Q cu quixotic
R ere or erre trip
S that one sensation
T you bull
OR or university
V uve truth
W uve double western
X equis examination
AND i Greek or ye grass
Z zee shoe

Ch and Ll are dígrafos, but for the fact that each of them represents only one phoneme there are considered to be letters of the Spanish ABC from 1803.

It is not true that the ch, the ll and ñ were eliminated it of the Spanish alphabet to adopt the international alphabet. What RAE (Spanish Royal Academy) decided in X Congress of the Association of Academies of the Spanish language is that, in the dictionaries, the words that start with ch and with ll they will be ordained inside c and of l, respectively, to expire with international standards.

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