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Business Spanish

This section is designed especially for persons who want along with learning of the language and the Hispanic culture, the study of the proper characteristics of business Spanish.
On this page we are going to read on an actuality topic: renewable energies - the wind power.

Spain and the wind power

Field figure of wind powerThe wind is an air mass in movement; this air mass possesses mechanical energy that is proportional at his speed and can be made use in many applications and is what we name a wind power.

The wind power is an inexhaustible, slightly pollutant and aggressive source with the environment. Last year the world market of the wind companies grew approximately 30 %. In the next four years, the global wind market is estimated it will be 34.000 million dollars.

From 1997, with the Treaty of Maastrich, the EU works to reach 12 % of participation of the renewable energies opposite to the entire energy consumption in the year 2010. Until 2020, the percentage of renewable energies will have to cover 20 % of the entire consumption of energy.

Between the renewable energy sources the wind one stood out in the year 2007 and Spain has taken the leadership in the European Union (EU) after 30,3 % increased his installed capacity, according to the information of the European Association of the Wind power (EWEA). With this increase, 10 % of the electricity generated in Spain comes from the wind.

In 1979 the Spanish Department of Industry and Energy, across the Center of Studies of the Energy, started a research program and development for the use of the wind power and his conversion in electricity.

According to a report of the World Council of the Wind power, Spain with 15.145 MW, is the second country of the world, after Germany, in wind power facilities, generating half of this energy of the whole of Europe. The wind power is provided with a 56.535 megawatts entire capacity, covering 3,7 % of the energy demand of the countries of the EU.


That I could not exhaust.

That alters harmfully the purity or the normal conditions of a thing or a way for chemical or physical agents.

Unit of organization dedicated to industrial, mercantile activities or of rendering of service with lucrative ends.

energy renewable
Energy sources that are renewed of continuous form.

to increase
To increase.

installed capacity
Volume of production of goods and/or services that it is possible to generate to a productive unit of the country in accordance with the available infrastructure to him.

To do that someone or it transforms something into something different from what was. Action and effect of turning or of turning.

Description, oral or written, of the characteristics and circumstances of an event or matter.

Global quantity of the buys of goods and services realized or foreseen by a community.

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