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Sharing experiences - Recommended Linkage

In this space of sharing experiences, you are going to learn and speak Spanish of a more entertaining and interactive form. You will be able to share your experiences in the Spanish learns with the people of the world adding comments, extracting your doubts and knowing other linkage.

In recommended linkage we select other pages so that you could perfect your Spanish.

Other Linkage

Next we select other linkage that we recommend for the contents quality on different interest topics:

  • www.linguavox.es
    LinguaVox is a company of Spanish translation, specializing in translation and interpretation in more than 70 languages.
  • www.bbc.co.uk
    Page of BBC - informations and news about the world and about the United Kingdom.
  • www.omniglot.com
    Page with almost quite about the languages, the alphabets and the diverse writing systems of the world.
  • www.espaname.es
    Web site of espáñame - School of Spanish in Santander, Spain.
  • www.encuentralo.com
    Directory and searcher of places of Spain, with such diverse additional services like map of streets, guide of hotels, restaurants, etc.
  • www.spain2you.com/es
    Web directory of Spain with linkage classified by categories and topics.
  • www.mundopt.com
    Web directory of Portugal.
  • www.directoriodeespana.com
    Directory of linkage of Spain.

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