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In Traveling round Spain - Part II, not only you are going to learn new vocabulary but also a little of the culture, the languages and the climate of Spain.

Traveling round Spain - Part II

I hibernate in Spain


The official language of Spain is Spanish or Castilian. In addition to Spanish, some communities of Spain take other languages as coofficial. In Catalonia and Balearic Islands one speaks the Catalan, in Gallicia the Galician, in the Valencian Community the Valencian one and the Basque or Basque in the Basque Country.


The majority of the Spanish population (76 %) is catholic.


Spain is the fifth country most filled with the European Union, with a population of 46.063.511 inhabitants (estimation 2008). Nevertheless, his population density is minor than that of most of other countries of Western Europe. Madrid with 5.843.031 (2007) inhabitants in his metropolitan area, in addition to being the capital, is the biggest and populous city of the country.


For his extension and for his geographical diversity, the variety is the principal characteristic of the climate in Spain. And so, the north is humid and moderate, with winters and soft summers, while the south is warm (except in the mountainous areas). In the Mediterranean coastal zone the temperatures are warm and agreeable during the whole winter and enough raised in the summer. In the plateau the winters are usually soft and in some parts, depending on the altitude, colds. The summers are very warm with temperatures that can come in cities like Madrid to 40°C.


Said especially about a language. That is official together with other one or other languages.

That professes the catholic religion.

Set of persons who inhabit the same geographical area.

Belonging or relative to the urban set formed by a city and his suburbs.

Set of diverse things.

It is said about the region, about the climate or about the country in which it rains very much and which has the air loaded with moisture.

That is neither cold nor warm, but in an average.

That feels heat or causes it.

That gives heat.

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