Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

Save the Planet!

Happy age and those happy centuries to whom the ancient ones put name of gilded … The clear sources and current rivers, in magnificent plenty, tasty and transparent waters were offering them. In the failures of the rocks and in the hollow of the trees they were forming his republic the solicitous and discreet bees, offering to any hand, without any interest, the fertile harvest of his most sweet work …
Everything was a peace then, quite friendship, quite concord: there still had dared the heavy grill of the curved plow to be opened neither to visit the pious entrails of our first mother; that she without being forced was offering, on all the parts of his fertile and spacious bosom, what it could satiate, sustain and delight the children who then were possessing it.

(Don Quijote - the Second Part - Chapter XI - Of what happened to don Quijote with a few goatherds).

RedMolinos has created this new section with the intention of generating and of strengthening the world conscience for the preservation of the nature and against the climate change.
Four centuries ago, Don Quijote made famous the image of Spain full of windmills. In the present, the mills of the Quixotic, to the avant-garde, serve for the production of wind power, renewable source of energy.
Conscious Don Quijote of the power that we have to help the planet, invites them to construct a more just, sure, prosperous and sustainable world. He believes that we have the only opportunity and that we need large-scale solutions with an enormous participation of all until they allow us to save the future.
Our target is to announce to all, the projects and initiatives developed about the world encouraging the participation of the persons to take care and to preserve the natural resources of the planet so that the ambience keeps on being healthy for our species in future generations.

Nevertheless, we will not forget of Spanish learns. All the texts of this section are a part of the section vocabulary.


to generate
To procreate, to produce, to spread, to create.

Psychic act for which a subject perceives itself in the world. Discernment, knowledge, thought, understanding.

Action and effect of preserving, of protecting.

climate change
I change in the due climate directly or by implication to the human activities that the global composition of the ambience alters and that one adds to the observed natural changeability of the climate during comparable periods of time.

In the first position, in the most advanced point moved forward to the others. Home part, Home, evolution.

wind power
Generation of electric power due to the movement of the sails of the generators for the speed of the wind, in areas where this one is strong.

That it is possible to support. Saying of a process: That can be supported for itself.

Size or proportion in which a plan or idea develops.

Plan or thought of executing something. Plane, aspiration, tracing, intention, design, sketch, calculation, idea, plan, scheme.

Action to go forward to the others in speaking or acting. That gives beginning to something.

Conditions or physical, human, social, cultural circumstances, etc., that surround the persons, animals or things.

Set of similar things between themselves for one or several have common characters.

Persons who have to happen to one.

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