Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

To speak Spanish

To speak correct Spanish it is necessary to study little phonetics of Spanish, to practise the pronunciation and the intonation of the words and knowledge as there are the sounds of the Spanish language.
Quixotic recommends to you to study the following topics:

Don Quijote knows Spanish, tells words, always defends the justeza of the language. Sancho has vocabulary small, a language less rich than Don Quijote and sometimes it is difficult to him to express what he thinks, what he feels, or what it sees. When Sancho spoils words, Don Quijote not only re-lights it but he teaches him to speak well.

Don Quijote advises you to practise the pronunciation, in order that you have no problems with the language just as Sancho in the lower passage:

Sancho said to his owner:
— gentleman, already I have "re-shown" my wife to whom I allow myself to go with your favor where I will want to take.
limited you have to say, Sancho — said don Quijote —, that not "re-shown".
— one or two times — Sancho answered —, if badly I do not remember, have begged to your favor that not me emiende the words, if it is that it understands what I mean in them, and that when I do not understand them, he should say: "Sancho, or devil, I do not understand you"; and if I will not declare myself, then it will be possible emendarme, that I am so fócil...
— I do not understand you, Sancho — said then don Quijote —, since I do not know what it means "I am so fócil".
— so fócil it means — Sancho answered — "I am so like that".
— less I understand agora to you - don Quijote answered.
— so if it cannot understand me — Sancho answered —, I do not know how he says it: I do not know any more, and God is with me.
— already, already I fall down - answered don Quijote - in it: you mean that you are so docile, soft and ingenious, that you will take what I will say to you and will happen therefore I will teach you.
— it is me who will bet - said Sancho - that from the emprincipio soaked through me and understood me, but he wanted turbarme, for other docientas bloopers heard me saying.
— it will be able to be — don Quijote answered.


I will declare
he was explaining

of flammable character, polvorilla.


manageable, obedient, but also cunning, crafty.

of the first.

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