Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

Exercises - Initial Level

Don Quijote knows that we have many doubts about the Spanish language and he believes that it can help you preparing exercises for you, since just as when proprietor Dolorida came to ask him to help her to return for the reputation of his daughter, Quijote said to him:

"... The remedy of the troubles, the help of the needs, the cover of the maidens, the consolation of the widows in no persons luck is better than in the knights errant; and of it I am, I give infinite thanks to the sky, and I give very well used any outrage and work that in this honorable exercise could happen to me."

So it has prepared exercises for you so that you practise the learned. Still, if you have some doubt communicate you with us and do not forget the advice that Don Quijote gave to his squire Sancho:

"Know you Sancho who is not a man any more than other, if it feeds only other; all these storms that happen to us are signs of that ready has to calm the time, and, us the things have to happen well, because it is not possible that either the evil or the good are durable; and from here one continues that having lasted very much the evil, the good is already close."

In addition to the exercises prepared by Don Quijote, Sancho Panza that does not understand how the computers work, has left to you a few books of grammar and a pen to help you with the exercises.
Kind what!

Figure of the books and the pen that Sancho Panza has left to you

It sets off To: in what situation would you say the following expressions? Mark the correct option.

  1. — that you get better!
    You speak with someone …
    1. patient.
    2. slow.
    3. wetted.
  2. — I, in your place, would call Juan.
    You ____________ to call Juan.
    1. it recommends
    2. he wants
    3. it goes to
  3. — it is necessary to admit that Gabriela is a person of the most current thing.
    Gabriela is …
    1. sportsman.
    2. normal.
    3. extraordinary.
  4. — How you does go to see us on Friday?
    You are ___________ an appointment.
    1. proposing
    2. warning of
    3. remembering
  5. — Jaime has become a little egoistic.
    Jaime ____________ egoist.
    1. it is
    2. it has been
    3. it is
Part B - Marks the correct option of the two who propose to him:

  1. In my university there is a boy ___________ he speaks five languages.
    1. that
    2. who
  2. Here ___________ a lot of cold! Why do not you put yourself an overcoat?
    1. it is
    2. it does
  3. Tomorrow, when you come to class, ___________ the photos.
    1. you bring
    2. rides
  4. When I came ___________ Puerto Rico I was not speaking anything about Spanish.
    1. in
    2. to
  5. You: ___________ some Argentine restaurant?
    1. it knows
    2. he knows
  6. If you put yourself ___________ of me I can only see your back.
    1. ahead
    2. face
  7. Maria is satisfied because there was no ___________ problem in his holiday.
    1. not at all
    2. no
  8. Where is Sara? I do not know, not ___________ I find.
    1. him
  9. It is raining ___________ that last week.
    1. like
    2. equal
  10. We saw ___________ an excellent movie in television.
    1. already
    2. the day before yesterday

Keys of the exercises

It sets off To
1st 2nd 3b 4th 5th
Part B
1st 2b 3rd 4b 5th
6th 7b 8th 9b 10b

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