Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

Exercises of Spanish

In this section we are going to learn to speak Spanish practising with Don Quijote and Sancho Panza the exercises on the articles.

The articles

  1. Don Quijote knows that Sancho Panza, his friend and squire, has many doubts about the articles in Spanish and it gave him some exercises. Help it to choose the correct options:
    1. There was (some / them) thirty or forty windmills in that field.
    2. For Don Quijote (them / some) windmills were giants of long arms.
    3. (Them / Some) long arms were (them/) sails of (them / of) mills.
    4. (/One) wise person Frestón stole (/one) room and (them / some) books of Don Quijote.
    5. (/Her) sail did (of / of) it throws pieces.
    6. Nag was (/her) name (of/) horse of Don Quijote.
  2. Sancho Panza wrote some phrases about the history of the book Don Quijote so that you should know a little more, but it keeps on having problems with the articles.
    1. Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra published (/her) novel Don Quijote in 1605.
    2. (One / Her) novel consists of two parts: (/her) the first, The ingenious nobleman don Quijote of the Spot, was published in 1605; (/her) second, The ingenious gentleman don Quijote of the Spot, in 1615.
    3. Don Quijote is (one / her) of (some / them) major breakthroughs of (one / her) Spanish and universal literature and it is (one/) book more translated after (/her) Bible.
    4. (/Her) novel starts by describing us to (/one) such an Alonso Quijano. It had (some / them) fifty years and it was going (her / one) very modest life. It goes mad reading knighthood books and believes (one/) medieval gentleman.
    5. They happen to him all luck of comical adventures in which Don Quijote, (of/) principal personage, thinks about how to help to (them / them) disadvantaged and unfortunate, impelled in (/of) fund for (her / one) kindness and (/one) idealism.

Keys of the exercises.

    1. some
    2. Them / them /
    3. / /
    4. / of
    5. / of
    1. Her / her /
    2. one / them / her / /
    3. Her / one / some / one / one
    4. / them / / her /

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