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Vocabulary - Songs

With the song Windmills of the Spanish group Mägo de Oz you are going to learn a little of vocabulary and on the articles in Spanish. The band Mägo de Oz is a band of rock - heavy metal - of Spain, formed in 1989, with special influence of the Celtic music and the folk.
In the year 1998 the band recorded his third CD - The legend of the Spot, inspired in the sceneries and in the work of Miguel de Cervantes: Don Quijote.

If you do not manage to see the video of the song Windmills correctly, visit this direction:

Windmills - Mägo de Oz

That treats about the dialogue that Sancho and Don Quijote establish
after the famous adventure of the mills.
Don Quijote confuses a few mills with a few giants.
Sancho reproaches him for his hallucination and Don Quijote explains to him
that he does not see with the eyes, but with the heart and the imagination.

If perhaps you do not see
Beyond your nose
And you do not hear to a flower to laugh

If you cannot speak
Without having to hear your voice
Using the heart

Friend Sancho listen to me,
Not everything has here a porqué
The feet do a way

There is a world for discovering
And a life to be started of starting
Of arms of the final script

Sometimes I feel to the awakening
That the sleep is the reality

It drinks, dances, dreams
He feels that the wind
It has been I begin for you
He lives, listens and speaks
Using for it
the heart

He feels that the rain
It kisses your face
When you make love
It shouts with the soul
It shouts so highly
That of your life, you are
Friend the only actor

Yes perhaps your opinion
It fits in yes or one not
And you cannot rectify

If you can define
the hate or the love
Friend that disappointment

Not everything is white,
Or black: it is gray
Everything depends on the tone,
He looks and learns to distinguish

The moon can warm
And the sun your nights to rock
The trees die standing.

I have seen a spring crying
On having seen his waters going to the sea


to recriminate
To censure or to re-light someone for a behavior or an attitude.

Sensation or illusion of seeing or of hearing some thing when this one is not present.

to use
To do that a thing serves for something. To use, to use.

to rectify
To correct the above mentioned for one himself or for other. To correct the proper conduct or attitude.

Feeling of frustration of someone, on having discovered that a person or a thing are not as he was waiting. Disappointment, disappointment.

Each of the possible grades of a color.

to distinguish
To perceive the difference between a person or thing and other one.

to warm
To put something or warm someone. To do that the temperature rises.

to rock
To rock or to move something or someone up and down rhythmically. To rock a child: The mother walks along the garden rocking the baby.

Place where it sprouts waters down of natural form.

The Articles

The articles are a class of words that are in Home of the name:

  • They indicate the genre:
    • masculine - them, one, some - the heart, a world, the eyes, a few mills.
    • feminine - her, them, one, some - the rain, a reality, the moons, a few lives.
  • They indicate the number:
    • singular - her, one, one - the heart, the reality, a flower, a way.
    • plural - them, them, some, some - the mills, the adventures, a few giants, a few flowers.
  • They qualify in:
    • defined - her, them, them - when they refer to a well-known or specific noun: the sleep, the reality, the lives, the feet.
    • indefinite - one, one, some, some - when they refer to an unknown noun: a world, a life, a few mills, a few flowers.

When the prepositions A and OF preceden to the article HE there is contraction:

  • To + = TO
    to the awakening, on having seen, to the sea.
  • OF + HE = OF
    of the dialogue, of the script, of the tone.

In the song The Windmills we find several examples of the articles. But there are no examples of the plural feminine indefinite article some and of the plural feminine definite article.

The soul or the soul?

Use of The One with feminine words

In the song the word Soul is a singular feminine noun, which begins for A keynote. So that IT does not produce a cacophonous shock to herself between the letter A of the article and the soul letter A replaces IT with HIM. The same happens with the feminine nouns that begin with ha keynote.

  • The soul
  • The fairy
  • The famine

On the other hand, the nouns take the feminine article her, one or them, some in the cases of:

  • I use with adjectives:
    • The pious soul
  • In plural:
    • The souls

The words below begin with A keynote but there are exceptions:

  • Her to (and not a)
  • The hache (and not The hache)
  • Arab (The Arab woman)
  • The Arab (The Arab man)

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