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Our Politics of Privacy

By means of our privacy politics we inform him of the due use conditions in this place.

The use of these implies his full acceptance and without reservations to each and everyone of the dispositions included in this Legal Notice, therefore if you do not agree with any of the conditions here established, it will not have to use or / or gain access to this place.

We reserve the right to modify this Declaration of Privacy in any moment. His continuous use of any portion of this place after the notification or announcement of such modifications will constitute his acceptance of such changes.

Intellectual property of aswespeak.net

All the rights of intellectual property of the content of aswespeak.net, they are under a license Creative Commons, whose content you can check in this linkage.

Therefore there remains afforded to copy, to distribute, to communicate publicly the work and to do works derived from the same one, whenever the terms of the license are respected above reviewed.

On the other hand, all the trade names, marks or belonging signs different of any class to third, contents in aswespeak.net, are protected by law.

About the contents and linkage

aswespeak.net he does not become responsible for the bad use that is realized of the contents of this Web place, being an exclusive responsibility of the person who gains access to them or uses them.

aswespeak.net it does not also assume any responsibility for the information contained on the web pages of third to that it is possible to gain access for linkage or searchers from the web page www.aswespeak.net.

Updates and modifications

aswespeak.net there is reserved the right to update, to modify or to eliminate the information contained in www.aswespeak.net, and the configuration or presentation of the same one, in any moment, without previous notice, and without assuming any responsibility for it.

Indications on technical aspects

aswespeak.net it does not assume any responsibility that could stem from technical problems or mistakes in the computer teams, which take place during the connection to the network of Internet, as well as of damages that could be caused by third persons by means of illegitimate interfering out of the control of aswespeak.net.

aswespeak.net she remains also exempted from all responsibility before possible damages or damages that the user could suffer as a consequence of errors, defects or omissions in the information that facilitated when it comes from sources foreign to this place.

Use of Cookies or Cookies

The access to aswespeak.net can imply the cookies use. A "cookie" is a file of information written on the hard disk of the computer of a user on the part of a web site that identifies it before this one and she allows to him to remind it, personalize his preferences or eliminate the need to refill forms or information in future visits. Also it allows to a Web place or companies of publicity to monitor the boss or behavior of navigation of the users.

The “cookies ” split into two different, so called types "of meeting" and "perms". The meeting "cookies" are not recorded on the hard disk of the users, but they allow the storage in a database of the information compiled during the permanence of these in the web site. The perms are recorded to the hard disk of the users, remaining in this one during a certain period of time specified during his programming.

Those users who do not want to receive cookies or want to be informed before they are stored in his computer, can form his navigator to that end.

Most of the navigators of nowadays allows the management of the cookies of three different forms:

  1. The cookies are never accepted.
  2. The navigator asks the user if it is necessary to accept every cookie.
  3. The cookies are always accepted.
The navigator also can include the possibility of specifying better what cookies have to be recognized and what not. In particular, the user can accept normally some of the following options: to push the cookies of certain domains back; to push the cookies back of third; to accept cookies like not persistent (they are eliminated when the navigator closes); to allow to the servant to create cookies for a different domain. Also, the navigators can allow to the users to see also and erase cookies individually.

Actions Of Third

aswespeak.net it uses the services given on third parts. This includes the possibility that one or several of the companies suppliers of these services, he needs to carry out his assignment, the inclusion of "cookies" or similar in this web site.

aswespeak.net it is an associate place of the program Google Adsense. Google uses cookies to improve his experience online, included the visualization of more excellent announcements. If in any moment you want to stop using the DoubleClick cookie, use the option of disqualification of the cookie of DoubleClick. Google also offers different options to keep permanently the disqualification configuration in the navigator. Also, Google allows to publish announcements in the network of content of Google to external advertisers. By means of a tool created on the advertizing Initiative of the network (NAI, Network Advertising Initiative), they can be disqualified cookies of several servants of announcements and networks of third of simultaneous form. Google also uses cookies for Google Analytics and to realize the conversion pursuit.

aswespeak.net also there makes use of the tool of web analysis - Google Analytics - that helps the owners of the web sites to understand how the visitors interact with his web site. Google Analytics compiles information of anonymous form and, as if traces were traced in the sand, it is informed about the tendencies of the web site, without identifying the individual visitors. Analytics uses its own cookie to continue the interactions of the visitors. The cookie is used to keep information, like the hour to which the current visit took place, if the visitor had been previously in the place or the place from which it comes. The clients of Google Analytics can gain access to a reports variety about the way in which the visitors interact with his web sites, so that they could improve them and make them more localizables. A different cookie is used for every web site and a pursuit of the visitors is not realized between several places. To disqualify this type of cookie, some navigators indicate when they are sent cookies, with what it is possible to push them back in each of the cases.

Protection Of Personal Information

For his safety and of the RedMolinos visitors, only his comments and doubts will be published on the page of RedMolinos. There will not be published personal information, direction, telephone numbers nor direction of email. The personal information that you send in the forms of the page, like his name, surnames and electronic direction will be introduced in a database to facilitate to the team of RedMolinos his consultation and answer. Only the personnel has restricted access to this database properly authorized of the team of RedMolinos. All the comments are moderated by our team of publishers, by what is possible that his comment is late some hours in becoming a public. If he wants to consult the information that has sent us, or to eliminate it, please get in touch with us across the mail address: contacto@aswespeak.net

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