Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

Exercises - Top Level

Don Quijote knows that we have many doubts about the Spanish language and he believes that it can help you preparing exercises for you, since just as when proprietor Dolorida came to ask him to help her to return for the reputation of his daughter, Quijote said to him:

"... The remedy of the troubles, the help of the needs, the cover of the maidens, the consolation of the widows in no persons luck is better than in the knights errant; and of it I am, I give infinite thanks to the sky, and I give very well used any outrage and work that in this honorable exercise could happen to me."

So it has prepared exercises for you so that you practise the learned. Still, if you have some doubt communicate you with us and do not forget the advice that Don Quijote gave to his squire Sancho:

"Know you Sancho who is not a man any more than other, if it feeds only other; all these storms that happen to us are signs of that ready has to calm the time, and, us the things have to happen well, because it is not possible that either the evil or the good are durable; and from here one continues that having lasted very much the evil, the good is already close."

In addition to the exercises prepared by Don Quijote, Sancho Panza that does not understand how the computers work, has left to you a few books of grammar and a pen to help you with the exercises.
Kind what!

Figure of the books and the pen that Sancho Panza has left to you

Complete the following phrases with the suitable term of the two or four that offer him to themselves.

  1. In the company he is deciding these days if ___________ new schedules for the workpeople.
    1. beech
    2. there will be
  2. Maria was not of the opinion of which ______________ all to Juan's house, but in the end we were.
    1. we were
    2. let's go
  3. In the holidays in Brazil I spent a lot of money, more ___________ he was thinking: the fact is that it was quite so nice …
    1. of what
    2. that what
  4. To Luisa gave _________ to say that it was feeling sleepy and went away to house.
    1. for
    2. in
  5. We do not have ___________ idea from what it could have gone on in the last Stock Exchange day because we have been on holiday.
    1. none
    2. not
  6. I believe that Carlos did not like anything that ___________________ in his house without warning.
    1. we were presenting before ourselves
    2. we have presented before ourselves
  7. I am not ready to go away without ____________________ the truth.
    1. they would clarify me
    2. clarify me
  8. I do not know if to Egg white _________ there has already been sick the baggage that it lost in the airport.
    1. him
  9. Where have the boys been the whole evening, which I them have not seen?
    — I do not know, _______________________ because tomorrow they have an important examination.
    1. they have been studying
    2. they were studying
    3. they will probably be studying
    4. they had been studying
  10. Are you going to be present at the opening of the new head office?
    — if I have time, ______________ I go.
    1. neither
    2. I hope
    3. perhaps
    4. it can that
  11. I ________ you, he would speak with her, it is the best thing to clarify the situation.
    1. of
    2. in
    3. for
    4. that
  12. She said to him that, if really her ______________, it should demonstrate.
    1. he wanted
    2. I would like
    3. he wants
    4. he will want
  13. The fact _________________ they eliminated it of the list of candidates it is not yet clear.
    1. of that
    2. for which
    3. of what
    4. to which
  14. ____________ that moves to live to this house will be pleased with the scenery around.
    1. Whoever
    2. Comoquiera
    3. Anywhere
    4. Any
  15. Nobody will manage to approve this examination ________________ be prepared to conscience: it is very hard.
    1. less if
    2. unless
    3. as if
    4. only if

Keys of the exercises

1b 2nd 3rd 4th 5b
6th 7b 8b 9c 10c
11d 12th 13b 14th 15b

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