Drawing of Don Quijote done in 1955 for Picasso

To speak Spanish

To speak correct Spanish it is necessary to study little phonetics of Spanish, to practise the pronunciation and the intonation of the words and to know as there are the sounds of the Spanish language.


The tongue-twisters are prayers or texts to perfect the pronunciation, which combine similar phonemes. They are very useful to develop an agile and speedy diction. Below there is a series of tongue-twister so that you could practise. He tries to say them aloud with clarity and rapidity, increasing gradually the speed. Repeat them often.

Three sad tigers
They entered a trigal
Three sad tigers
They went out so sad of the trigal
Since sad they brought in the tigers.

Barbarian it had a cow
That was called Valencia
That was dressing himself of target
And that was dancing with boots, broom, you and Valentín.

Pablo Pablito fixed a clavito
What clavito did Pablo Pablito fix?

Chiqui was a tiny girl
Kid was the Chiqui jacket
Because if Chiqui had small jacket
Kid would be the Chiqui jacket.

The sky in December is usually a blue
But the sky in March is usually a rose.

Erre with erre wagon
Erre with erre rail
Erre with erre the wheel
The wheel of the railroad.

History is the successive story
of the events that happened
successively in the succession
successive of the times.

The one that little coconut eats,
little coconut buys;
the fact that small layer wraps up,
small layer is bought.
Like me little coconut like,
little coconut bought,
and as few layer I cover myself,
small layer bought me.

Pedro Pablo Perez Pereira
poor Portuguese painter
it paints sceneries for little silver
to pay passage
to be able to happen for Paris.

If Sara marries
with the jacket that extracts Bale,
Sara does not even marry,
Bale of the big sack does not even extract the jacket.

Manuel Micho, for caprice,
it stuffs the male meat
and yesterday a boy said:
very much male stuffs Pussy cat.

Rasquín was a water rail
that was itching in a risca,
with a coarse one it scratches risca scraper,
it scratches that it itches it finished with the steep rock,
it scratches the risca, it scratched a corner.

An old man of Badajoz had an old clapper
One day went down below and raised the clapper
Being the old man of Badajoz older than the clapper.

Six saws saw six seats
Sixty six saws saw sixty six seats
Seventy-six saws saw seventy-six seats.

Yaya, yayo, stupid, stupid
It touches, block, game, plays,
May, Mayan, your, your
Thing, house, helmet, egg yolk.

I am Diego, I say nothing
If I say or do not say that I am Diego
But if Diego I am, I say it
I say that yes I say it, I am Diego.

Francisco was looking for the forest,
a very sudden cross-eyed Basque,
and on having seen it, he said a chunk of bread to him:
Does he look for the forest, for cross-eyed Basque?

Gaul comes to the lake
and it ties then the lay person of Lugo,
much language length,
that comes to the lake after long leagues.

There is Cilicia and Cecilia,
Sicily, Silesia and Seleucia.

This fool, never came to drink debit;
silly and brief life will live if it drinks.

Joaquín Quijano de Jijena
complain of that Jacob stops
with headstall to the pony.

The dog of San Roque has no tail
because the cartwright Ramón Ramiro Ramirez
with the rare wheel of his car
it has been started.

Since you want that he loves you,
if the one that I want that I love,
he does not love me as I want that I love.

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